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15/06/97 - 12/08/15

Sleep tight my big brave boy - love you more than words can say - thank you for being my shadow, companion and friend - run free now with Delta and Daddy xxx

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Unknown - Unknown

Tiger you were saved from death row and i loved you so much. Your second name should have been trouble with a capital T but i loved you so much. You never got on with my first cat Zara but i loved you so much. Will miss you flushing the toilet or turning off the computer while i was still on it. You loved my cuddles and so did i, i love you so much. Bye Tiger.

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19/06/06 - 07/02/12

Tigg was only 5 years old when he had to be put to sleep due to having Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which then developed into having Arterial Thromboembolism (ATE) e.g severe heart disease which cause two blood clots in the legs (saddle thrombus) as he would of only had a year or two maximum which you wouldn't of thought from such an active cat. He was born with a heart murmur but had no problems with it. He was always out and had a tendency to bring back 'presents' for us. I looked after him for a week 24/7 when they thought it was best he was in his own enviroment, I got extremely close to him in that time as he relied on me to get him to the toilet, give him food, give him water & continue to help him try & use his legs with me partially holding him up at home. He did have a tendency to chomp into your fingers when he was in a playful mood and he was part ferral. Its one of the hardest things having such a young & active cat put to sleep but you have to put your feelings aside for their sake. Miss you so much Mr Tigg

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17/03/98 - 18/12/13

Tigger my little companion. A true friend dearly loved but never forgotten. May you rest in peace.

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09/09/05 - 10/11/16

Killed by a Housing Executive van Who was speeding out of my street knocked him down and drove away my 2 Neighbours seen it and shouted at driver to stop but he just drove off. he died mins later after being seen with 2 broken legs internal bleeding and brain damage he was 11 years old he was a beautiful wee cat he was my wee baby and I Love and Miss him very Much he still had plenty of life in him hope you will be happy up their with your wee Bro We Love and miss you Both hope you will look down at us. Gone But Not Forgotten I will miss your wee Loves and pets and wee Cuddles Until We Meet Again At Rainbow Bridge xx

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05/05/00 - 05/01/11

Tigger, i miss you so much, even now a day doesnt go past without my thinking off you, rest easy join you grandson Pepper and brother Rupert, wait for me till our next meeting. All my love always mummy xxxx

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05/12/00 - 29/12/17

Thank you for 17 years my Twiglet. Its still a shock that your gone. I was there when you were born and I was there when you passed at home wrapped up in your fluffy blanket being cuddled. You have left a hole and a lot of memories. We miss you Tig my big beautiful boy and top mouser. Run free and I hope you found your brother Fizz and Auntie Millie. <3<3

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01/06/99 - 15/03/18

Words cannot express the love I felt for you both. Missing you everyday. Forever in my heart and always my family. Miss T you truly were special in every sense. God bless you for the gifts you gave me even if I wasn’t ready for them so soon after your sister. United together, run free girls! One day we will all be together again. Love you Monkey!

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01/01/72 - 01/01/72

My precious ginger cat Tiggy passed away about a month ago. My little boy was 3 years old and died of a heart attack. He had come through an illness of cystitis and was doing well. That evening he was playing and came to lie beside me and suddenly died in my arms. Me and my partner were heart broken and I never cried so much in my life and was in shock. We adored, loved our little boy, he was funny, so cute, loving, he was my best pal and raised him from 6 months old. I miss him everyday especially the times i would be on the computer and he would curl up in my arms while i was typing. He would lift his head up and want me to give him kisses. During this time, a cat pushkin from the neighborhood with no known address came to stay with us and never left our side. We have adopted her and have given her a loving home in memory of tiggy, we think he sent her to us. One day in the far future, I will see tiggy again and in the meantime he is forever in my heart. Godspeed little one, mummy will always love you my darling. xxxx valerie

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28/02/98 - 20/10/11

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