In this section, you will find an honour roll for all of our beloved companions listed in alphabetical order by the first name. Please click on the letters to see the memorials that have already been added.

Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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05/04/03 - 14/06/12

Babygirl -I Miss you so very much You were more then just a pet, You were my child You were my best friend You stood by me through thick and thin, What am I going to do without you, It hurts so much I know your up there in heaven With grandma and Lou I know he was happy to see you He loves you so much I'll always love you I'll never forget you YOUR FOREVER IN MY HEART I LOVE YOU BABYGIRL

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13/10/20 - 27/02/21

You left us way too soon. I am sorry I could not make the world a better place for you and I hope you found peace. You suffered a lot at the end and I am so sorry for that. I just wanted you to know you were loved, more than anyone I loved and I had a beautiful future planned for us you gone too soon. I love you and I know no matter how far you go away from this world you will always live within me.

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30/08/04 - 23/09/12

my darling bailey was a shar-pei and only 8 yrs old passed away suddenly 3 weeks ago i love and miss her so so much so does my 4 yr old shar-pei tia who misses her so much they were always side by side day and night ==== i love and miss you so much my gawjus baby girl bailey i hope your having fun over the rainbow bridge and found some friends to run round with nite nite see you in my dreams xxxx

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24/08/12 - 07/11/12

im sorry you werent with us long, but the time you were here you filled our hearts, we tried to hang onto you but it wasnt to be, you are out of your pain now, rest in peace, love you xxxxxxx

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25/12/00 - 20/02/12

Bailey....You were my first ever dog. We may have got you third hand but to me you were my first. We got you on St. Patricks Day 2011. I clearly remember the day I first saw you. Sadly your time had to come and you passed away on us on the 20th of February 2012 at around 18.20pm. No matter what, whenever I watch Marley and Me I will be thinking of you. I even have your blankets layed out on my bed and they will stay there. You will never be replaced. You are and will be my one and only. I love you and miss you boy. Chase all those pidgeons in Heaven. R.I.P. Bailey 2000-2012.

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01/12/17 - 23/02/18

too young to pass from UTI.. RIP little buddy.

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26/07/06 - 13/02/15

Our beloved Baldrick, so loved and so very much missed Taken so suddenly after a short illness aged 8 1/2, it continues to devastate us that we couldn't do anything for our beautiful boy. ' If love could have kept you here you would have lived forever'

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29/04/11 - 24/02/13

It came as a shock when i found you there you looked so peaceful and when you went i was so upset for the passed few days it felt so different and empty you not being here when we buried you that night and left you a little note by your side saying " Love You Always xxxxx " i was glad i was able to say Goodbye to you properly everytime i walk past you now i always say love and miss you every time, i use to think why bother giving you full bowl of food because you only ever use to stuff all the white chocolate buttons in your mouth and run off with them can tell your my pet both chocolate lovers! hehe! .... you were mine and Anthonys very first pet in our home we will never forget you! x Amy & Anthony x

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09/05/99 - 11/03/13


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05/11/02 - 12/01/16

Little Bambi you were born on the 5th of November and you were definitely a little firecracker, we only had 17 months together but I will never forget you, love always Charlotte xxxxxxxx

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