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15/07/98 - 06/10/13

Dear Biscuit, will miss your cuddles, your always being there when I get home from work with a tail waggle . sleep well my baby boy with your mum and dad in heaven..

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Unknown - 11/03/20

My baby Biscuit, I will love you, remember you and miss you forever and always. You were more than just a pet, you were my best friend, my rock, my support and my cheeky little baba. Thank you for always knowing when I was down and for being there when I was lonely. We spent so much time together and I’m so happy you had a long and fulfilled life. You were spoilt and I loved to spoil you. Our home doesn’t feel the same without you. I love you so much and you will always be with me.

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Unknown - 08/04/12

I will always be grateful that you chose me when I came to the rescue centre. Straight away you found a warm place in my lap and in my heart and made my house feel like a home.

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06/03/99 - 07/11/11

we miss you so much, our lad, you were so funny. You were sick for the last 18 months of your life and I just hope that we did enough for you. You are in our hearts forever. xxx

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01/01/01 - 24/08/13

I miss you blackie love you always xxx

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15/03/09 - 02/08/10

i watched you being born saw u eat/drink use your tray for the first time, i gave u lots of t.l.c after you were neautered, and watch you adventure out for the 1st time. i have tears filling in my eyes now as im thinking about you. your death was so dreadfull and you were so young. but i know i have to try and be strong for your mommy and brother but i love you so much and miss you more and more every day even the portrait i had tattooed of you on my leg doesnt ease the pain.

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02/06/04 - 22/03/12

Blade was a beautiful tuxedo cat who was very laid back and easy going. Some of our funniest memories include him flopping over in the hall way, exhausted from the heat and unable to make it the whole way up the hall way, his attempts to catch moths and flies and then lifting his paw to see if he had really caught it and then having to watch as his prey flew away. RIP Blade, we love you.

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16/05/12 - 04/08/17

It was with great sadness that I had to have Blanche put to sleep today. She was only 5y 2m old but had acute kidney failure, nothing could be done to save her and to prolong her life would have been too cruel. She was an absolute beauty and just so soft and cuddly and more like a cute Disney kitten/cat. I got her and her two sisters as 6 week old kittens, the cutest triplets ever. Her sister Elvira was pts in March 2015 as her heart was three times it's normal size, again nothing could be done to save her. The only one left from this cute bunch is Baby Jane Hudson and I pray that I have her for a very long time. Sleep tight Blanche you will always be the little princess who will be loved and remembered forever. You're with Elvira once more. xxxxxxx

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10/07/01 - 18/12/13

Oh how much I'm missing my 'Blazey Bones' right now! My companion, defender, 'Baby Dog.' He was with me every day, slept by my side, was so very happy to greet me every morning, welcomed me back home even if I'd only popped to the shops, or into the garden! I was blessed to have him in my life, and he was with me through a traumatic time. He always cheered me up, kept me going, and I could not be too down for long around him!! Though he was challenging with his life long ill health and anxiety, he could be so hilarious, and I'd never laughed so much before! He loved his toys, particularly 'ball' and he played right up until the day before he died! He loved going to see the donkeys on his walks and when they came to the fence, he and them would touch noses! He's now laid to rest in our back garden that he loved so much to be in, even having a fox come up and play with him once!

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28/03/04 - 17/09/10

Blossom, you came when I needed you most and my world was a better place with you in it. I will remember you always xx

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