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05/02/99 - 09/12/12

My darling Buster, you were such a huge part of our family and will always be remembered and missed forever. Be happy wherever you are. You were my best friend. Who will sit on my knee and cuddle me, who will listen when I need to talk, who will lick away my tears, share my food and take me for walks in the pouring rain? My darling boy, it's coming upto 6 months since you went away, but the hurt is still as painful now as it was when you first went. i can't look at pictures of you without shedding a tear, I hear you on the stairs, opening doors and every time I bring a shopping bag in I expect you to go searching through to see what I've bought you. I cannot walk down the pet food aisles in the supermarket because it hurts me to think of all the years I've bought things from there for you. Your pictures are the screensavers on everyone in the family's computers - and you must have been one of the most photographed dogs in the world! You won't ever be forgotten, we all loved you so much. It would be unfair of me to get another dog when I love YOU so much. Be happy wherever you are and wait for me, like you always did whenever I went out without you, because one day we will be together again xxx

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Unknown - Unknown

Buster, you were my best friend while I was growing up. I remember going to school, only a year two, and running to the car, knowing that the faster I got in the car, the faster I could get home and go to that local field with you. You must remember that field! With the little brook that I used to throw pebbles in, your doggy friends, but also, the time you got hit by a car when you ran off. I'm so glad you survived that, but am still aching inside from losing my best bud. You protected me day and night, you checked on us every night without fail, you comforted me when I was sad, you gave me confidence when I was scared. If you hadn't been there, my life would have been of fear and anger, but you taught me how to be confident, how to stand up for myself when the local bully picked on me -- you taught me how to live. I will never, ever forgive Dad for putting you down, just because you didn't cope when we went out for a few hours and you ripped up the carpet, chewed the banister and damaged the stairgate. You had abandonment issues! You had been abused! What were you supposed to do? Sit there patienty with all your bad experiences swirling around in your gorgeous head?! My Dad hardly remembers you, which hurts even more. I love you Buster, and will never forget you. This last photo I have of you is my most treasured possesion, and I will keep it close to me, forever and for always.

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05/02/99 - 09/12/12

I never even got a chance to say a proper good bye to you and all i can think of i want the ability to say "hello" one more time amongst so many other things. From the very first time i saw you i loved you and i knew i always would. You were the best first dog anyone could ask for. You were my best friend and my first love and nothing will ever compare to how much i love you. When you died you took part of my heart and soul with you. I no longer feel its worth loving if im just going to lose the people i love...if i could of protected you with love, you would have lived forever but unfortunately that couldn't be. I am glad we were the ones who rescued you, or more so you rescued us. You showed us all no matter how bad a day we were having it was all ok after a cuddle and a kiss, loyalty and that winning smile! You knew when we we needed you and you were always there for us. Only now you're not here to bury my head in your coat and dry these tears away until i cant cry any more while you sit waiting patiently for me to lift my head so you can give me a kiss and and in your eyes everything would be all right because you made it better.i just want to fling my arms around you and smother you with kisses. tell you that you are the most loved little boy ever and we will never forget you. No dog we own in the future will ever be compared to you, it couldnt be. you were perfect. you were one in a million. there could never be another Buster and im glad for that. It means we were even luckier than we could ever have imagined that we got the best dog in the world. I love you my sweet heart. Goodbye and i'll see you again one day. Enjoy those wings, you've earned them. Sleep tight my beautiful angel xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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27/07/97 - 07/11/14

He was cute he was black. And he's huge and I miss home so very much.

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Butch Cat

Unknown - Unknown

Butch Cat was a Russian Blue. He came to see me when we first moved into this home, and he kept me company, chasing off any other cats, when I was in the garden. He was a first best friend to both our dogs. He'd come on some dog walks. He'd curl up behind me first thing in the morning and put his front leg across my neck, purring so loudly I couldn't sleep, until I finally got up. His fourth home was with us. He was about 8 years old. We had him for about 20 months, then he just disappeared from outside our home on the evening of 24th April 2004. I had a few glorious dreams where he just came back. We suspected that he'd been stolen. I don't expect he's still alive. I couldn't mourn properly as I hoped one day he'd come back. I'm so thankful for the time he spent with us.

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Unknown - 15/02/12

And God asked the feline spirit Are you ready to come home? Oh, yes, quite so, replied the precious soul And, as a cat, you know I am most able To decide anything for myself. Are you coming then? asked God. Soon, replied the whiskered angel But I must come slowly For my human friends are troubled For you see, they need me, quite certainly. But don't they understand? asked God That you'll never leave them? That your souls are intertwined. For all eternity? That nothing is created or destroyed? It just is....forever and ever and ever. Eventually they will understand, Replied the glorious cat For I will whisper into their hearts That I am always with them I just am....forever and ever and ever.

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06/06/02 - 24/03/12

We love you so much. We will miss you little man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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20/06/97 - 24/12/11

You were given to me after my Mam passed away, from the moment we first met we hit it off, we were best friends from that second on, everyone knew about you, and although not everyone liked you, we didn't need those people, as the saying goes, ''don't ask me why I love Jack Russell's, ask yourself why you don't'', we spent many a good time together, although you were known as a grumpy dog, I know you better, I like to think it was because we lived with my Dad, LOL, when I moved out, you came with me, the result being that you became a much more relaxed and friendlier dog with everyone, at this stage we were introduced to a new addition, Judy the dog, she needed a home and we were only to happy to help out, yourself and Judy hit it off straight away, it showed how much that you had come on, the run up to Christmas 2011 was a time I will never forget, you weren't your usual self, you were sick, we brought you to the vet and although they tried everything, you were in a bad way, I had to make the hardiest decision of my life, it was your time to chase the rainbow bridge, I held you as you drifted off, I felt you slip away, I think of you everyday, and I miss you do much, I just hope that I was as good as an owner as you were a pet to me, rest in peace little guy, we had one hell of a run together, 14 and a half years to be exact, :'(

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Unknown - 13/08/11

Buzz was strayed,He walked into our shop on a very busy street he was about 1yrs old.He was the most friendly cat ever.Sadly we only had him 2 weeks and he was diganosed with leukemia he battled hard for another 2 weeks before we had to let him go.Hes buried out our back yard.Miss him still,But hes no longer in pain And we gave him soooooo much love for the short while we had him.Love you Buzz xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Unknown - 19/08/11

In loving memory of a special little guinea pig, who shared our lives for just 18 months....You had a tough little life, before you came to live with us, Buzzy, but we watched in delight, as you blossomed and became healthy and happy, until the cancer that finally took you from us......Rest in peace forever.....As with all our beloved pets, you will be missed and remembered.....Until we meet again.... This photo was taken minutes after Buzzby passed away on my lap, with his little friend, Charlie, saying a touching farewell.....

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