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Bianca "Yonka" Nance

Unknown - 13/08/16

Oh little girl, it has been a little while now since you left me, and I have had sometime now to reflect on being here without you. And as I have gotten to the point of not getting up and letting you out in the morning and late at night, and not preparing you for a ride in the car. Baby girl I truly miss you so much and the time with you wasn't nearly long enough. you girl dog were my reason I got up in the mornings and lived my life as I did, but know this one day I will meet you at the "Rainbow Bridge", I will be waiting to see you and to hear that all to familiar unmistakable bark of your to let me know you see me and are on your way to meet me so we will never be separated again...

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Unknown - 25/07/07

my little bid

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Big Fella

Unknown - 15/01/15

My gorgeous big beefy affectionate old Tom cat lost his courageous battle against kidney disease. You were my massive black and white boy who decided to come and live with me. You were gentle and passive and like your brother Eddie, I can't put into words just how much I miss you both xxxxxxxxxx

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01/04/08 - 01/10/13

Biggles also called Big Les because of his size, was rescued from Runshaw College by my daughter when he was just 6 weeks old. I raised him mostly and he seemed to have taken on human qualities and behaviour. He had a lovely sense of humour which is one of the things we miss about him, the house is very empty. He has been gone 8 days now and its torture for us. last week he was hit by a vehicle but made his way home to the back door. there wasnt a mark on him but it was evident he was in a bad way. We took him to the vets straight away but he died as I stroked him and told him what a good boy he was and that we love him. I once joked with a friend that if I could I would marry him. He was beautiful. We move to a quiet country lane in about 6 weeks and he would of loved it there. I hope he can move with us. Sleep well baby boy xxx

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Unknown - 26/01/15

Biggybog your strength knew no bounds a gift from the universe when you were found a force of nature you captured our hearts now you’ve moved on we’re torn apart The house it seems empty a silence we can touch to hear your voice once more we’d give oh so much Thank you our sweet boy for all that you gave so much love and joy in our hearts forever you’re saved

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Unknown - 12/05/12

Poor old bigs passed away from kidney failure last saturday, it was the saddest day of my life, I still can`t stop crying. She was so much more than a pet, she was family. I looked forward to seeing her everyday when I got home from work for nearly 13 years. She had a permanent look on her face as if she had seen a ghost, and even after 13 yrs she still ran out of the room and hid. every time the doorbell rang. I know I am going to miss you forever, sweetheart.

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03/04/07 - 14/01/13

Goodnight sweet Bill, you were a lovely friend I'm sorry for your suffering over the last few months of your life. I miss you lots and will never forget you and hope to see you in the next life. Love xxxxx

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01/01/16 - 02/07/16

Billy we really tried, we are so sorry you were abused and hurt as a baby, we will never know the whole story. Having you PTS today was really hard..We love you, and hope you have joined Tipper and the gang in a beautiful place , and your whole and happy.. you will not be forgotten.

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Unknown - 21/07/16

On Thursday 21st July 2016 we lost our beloved Billy. He was my baby boy and Stewart's buddy. We'll never forget the day he adopted us (11th April 2012); the way he ended up changing our opinions on cats and changing our lives. We were lucky enough to have just over 4 years with Billy; the laughs, love and companionship. He was estimated to be 2 or 3 when he turned up and was taken so suddenly, far too soon. I'll miss everything about you Billy; your "little face", your wimpy ways for such a big cat, your affection for both of us. You had such a high pitched meow and were always so mouthy after a stay in the cattery - the last time you ended up with a deep 'voice' because you were so vocal; the only other humans you trusted. You were the most handsome, photogenic cat ever. You were admired by so many and we were lucky to be chosen by you. I just hope you knew how much we loved you and we were so so sorry to cause you the upheaval of moving. The stress of a new environment, with horses in the field and that horrible neighbouring cat who caused you pain twice. You were so brave through the vets visits and a couple of days before you left us we were chuckling at the way you ambled across the field not far from the horses, hard to believe because of how nervous you were to begin with - you kept checking to the right to be on the safe side. The love and joy you brought us was so special, I hope you felt it too. We miss you and will love you forever, Billy. Xxx

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24/04/08 - 09/09/11

even though you only had a short life you brought love and joy, lauhs and touched so many hearts and so many lifes we all love you my angel boy your sister misses you everyday billy you and you tummy R.I.P billy you are loved

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