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01/04/99 - 10/09/10

A lovely friendly and happy dog right to the end.

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01/01/04 - 01/02/16

This evening we lost our little cat Ben (the Datalex cat). He'd lived outdoors for most of his life but last year he was very poorly - he'd cancer of the nose and ear. We managed to trap him and took him to the vets to get him cleaned up, when the vet told us it was cancer and that he couldn't be released back into the wild, we took him in to live with us. He adpated really well to living with us and the rest of the cats and he still had the freedom to go outside when he wanted. Over the past few weeks he started going downhill and was put on a drip for two days over Christmas. He was a strong cat and fought to get better and come home. 3 weeks ago he retreated upstairs and showed less and less interest in going outdoors or eating. We took him back to the for his shots last Saturday and he had lost even more weight. He stopped eating completely last Friday and wouldnt drink the cat milk (which he always loved). We had to make the tough decision to let him go this evening. The vet came to the house to give him the shots, it was all very quick and he looked very peaceful as he slipped away. He was a very special little cat, I've known him since he was a kitten. I'm so glad that we had those last few months with him .. just wish it could have been longer. We loved him so much, such a beautiful strong little cat that touched many peoples lives. Sleep well little Ben, will see you at Rainbow Bridge xxxx

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Unknown - 10/01/12

My Bengi, my beautiful boy. You were my rock for 16 years when everything else crumbled around me. You gave me a reason to be. I hope you are running free like the wind with no more aches or pains. You have left a hole in my life that can never be filled.

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13/09/00 - 13/03/07

Dedication to Benjamin. A wonderful German Shepherd Dog. 13/9/00 to 13/3/07. My best friend closed his eyes today. There’s no one left, so we can’t play. Oh my life is like a thick dark fog. How I long so much for another dog. He was Black, he was big, and he was bold, My Ben was not seven years old. Oh my life is like a thick dark fog. How I long so much for another dog. When cancer took him, I was full of despair. Life right now, seems so unfair. Oh my life is like a thick dark fog, How I long so much for another dog. He sits at God’s right hand With Banshee, together they stand. My life is like a thick dark fog Benny is enjoying his holiday at TEIGNMOUTH. Devon. 2005

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20/07/82 - 01/01/03

my beloved benji, we adored both you and your sister Mitzi who we lost a few years earlier you were a birthday suprise for me from my ex husband, i loved you from the minute u popped ur little noses out of the kitchen, we had many happy years togeather, you saw 21st birthday, helped me through my divorce, joined in my happiness when i had my first son jay, not an ounce of jelousy in either of you, you loved him and he loved you. Then i met paul you watched us get married and have a another baby ,again loving him as much as we did, u were my most loyal friens through the years always purring and cuddling me, gradually your eye sight failed you, the vet said u were not in pain and you use to find your way about the house amazingly, you also lost some of your hearing but again you kept going, but one day when u were a really old boy your balance went, i new before i took you too our vets what they would say, they were so lovely with you, i sat and cuddled you in my arms as you slowly closed your eyes, my heart was breaking, you were finally being reunited with ur sister mitzi and our dog Lucy. you will always be in our thoughts benji, miss you so much darling r i p, your mum

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01/01/10 - 21/06/21

Benji my love. I'd rather be nowhere, where you are now, than anywhere that you are not. If I could have given you some of my years I would happily. If I could have traded places with you I would without hesitation. I miss you so much. Nothing compares to having you with me. All the joy and happiness you gave to the world. You loved every person you met. Such a beautiful soul. Of all the people and all the things in this world, I loved you the most. I'll see you when I fall asleep. "You're gone, gone, gone away I watched you disappear All that's left is a ghost of you Now we're torn, torn, torn apart There's nothing we can do Just let me go, we'll meet again soon Now wait, wait, wait for me, please hang around I'll see you when I fall asleep"

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05/12/99 - 17/09/13

Benji was a tower of strength and his courage was surmountable. He was a protector towards us. He was loyal and extremely loving. He had a strong character and liked his routine. He loved his polo mints, he loved his food, he loved his supper at his chosen times. If you dared deviate from his chosen times, he would certainly let you know. Benji liked fuss, cuddles and kisses. He was a Yorkshire Terrier but we are sure he thought he was a bigger breed. He loved his creature comforts, his towels dried in the dryer and then to be wrapped in them, he like to be covered up at night in his blanket. He was our best friend and soul our mate. Benji, our hearts are broken now that your no longer here, we have not stopped crying since your demise. We know you gave your all to support us both over the years and we did what we considered to be the kindest thing to end your suffering. Your are now at peace and we hope that one day we will be reunited. We love you with both our hearts. God bless. See you soon. XXXX

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Benji B. Barack

26/07/07 - 16/05/14

Benji B. Barack, who died aged 6 and three quarters, was adopted from Wood Green on 3rd January 2009. His quirky good looks and distinctive prancing walk meant that he soon became well-known in his home town of Great Cambourne. He saved his adoptive mum's life, simply by being there for her when she had run out of hope for the future, jumping onto her lap and licking the tears from her face. When she collapsed in the kitchen, he brought her his toys to try to bring her round, then sat in the crook of her legs while the other humans called an ambulance. Benji was a dog of strong opinions: he would bark at his adoptive grandmother until she took her dirty plate back to the kitchen (he believed in a tidy home) and when he felt she needed to go to bed; he was very jealous of his mother's affections and wasn't altogether thrilled when she adopted another dog, Midge, a stray chihuahua rescued from a pound, in 2011. One of Benji's biggest achievements was his day on an obedience display team at Crufts. Not only did he prove that rescue dogs of uncertain pedigree can learn obedience but he also showed that they can choose not to do it when a camera is streaming their performance live on YouTube. Benji's health was a problem from day one, with serious allergies to pollen, dust and pretty much everything. In 2010, he went into liver failure but specialist treatment saved his life. His health problems returned in the summer of 2012 after an attack from a stray dog compromised his immune system. Eventually he was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease. The extent of his abdominal distress wasn't clear until the day of his death when he had to undergo emergency surgery after eating a linear foreign object (aka a ball of yarn): his intestines had adhesions and scarring, and the intestinal wall was very thin in some places. Even though he came round from the anaesthetic, his little body wasn't able to cope and he stopped breathing an hour later. The veterinary team weren't able to save him and my heart was broken. Friends and family rallied round and raised over �400 for Wood Green in memory of Benji in the week after his death. Benji is survived by his mum, Linda, grandparents, Peter and Sue, and long-suffering little sister, Midge. A new brother, Rudi, has since joined the family and paid his own tribute to Benji by peeing on the call for pet obituaries in the Family section of the Guardian while I have been typing this obituary.

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10/04/02 - 17/08/12

Dear Benny, We miss you every day buddy. The house will never be the same without you. You were the best companion and pet , that anyone could ever ask for! Love you lots and you will ALWAYS be remembered. xxxx

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21/11/10 - 28/10/22

My beloved Bentley passed away unexpectedly on October 28, 2022. He was my best friend. He loved car rides, the beach, sitting in my lap and playing ball. He brought so much joy into my life. I am at a loss as to how to handle my emotions. I think of this poem When tomorrow starts without me, Don't think we are far apart. For every time you think of me. I am right here inside your heart. I will love and miss you forever my sweet Ben. xoxoxoxoxoxox

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