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Unknown - 20/02/10

lovely old bear who will never be forgotten

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Unknown - 06/07/17

My beautiful canary Beau passed away yesterday. He passed away in my hand and was as peaceful as I could have hoped for. Beau has been my best friend for almost seven years and has got me through some of the hardest moments of my life. His beautiful song and fun loving presence is sorely missed. Words cannot describe how much we will miss Beau. Love and miss you always Beau.

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30/07/94 - 18/02/12

Originally my Mum's cat.When she & Dad died you became mine.Independent, beautiful and much loved. Reunited with my Mum

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Unknown - 13/10/07

Dear Beavis.The day i saw your cute little face is a day i will never forget, you made me the happiest person alive that day. I know we didnte have much, but you didnt care as long as i was there for you. You slept in our bed and loved you cuddles and even ate with us, but the day you became ill was pure hell. You were so strong even though we could tell you were going through such pain, we tried to make you as comfy as possible, but knew the dreaded day would have to come. I'm sat wrinting this in tears as i still cannot bear to be without you and have cried every single day since you left me hoping you forgive me and are at peace.

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03/09/94 - 30/11/10

** BEETHOVEN ** 3rd September 1994~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~30th November 2010 Two years ago you left me for a new home in the sky, your call was very sudden, no time to say goodbye The Cherubs gently carried you and I knew we'd have to part, but little did they know that taking you you really broke my heart. <3 Miss and love you more each day BEETHOVEN. XX <3 <3 XX

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Unknown - 21/08/15

Dearest Bella - our beautiful little Tortie girl. When you first came to us via Cats protection at the age of three or four, we never thought we'd hear you purr, but you became the most loving little friend ever. You were never far from my side. You followed me everywhere, you recognised my car going up the street, and by the time I turned round, you were at the door, waiting for me. We had such fun! You grew with us - tiny, petite, but a lion's heart, and so, so loving. Despite your size, your fighting spirit saw you overcome a massive abscess, then the following year, you went so anaemic that it was touch and go - caused by a tiny puncture wound in your palate (we never did find out how). We thought you were amazing when you were still charging around, chasing balls and running up and down the stairs at the age of 16, but it turned out you were hyperthyroid. It was a long two weeks when you were away from us having radio-iodine treatment - we'd never been apart for so long - and the day I brought you home was one of the happiest of my life. Ah, but before our very eyes, you grew old. You became deaf; you couldn't hear us tell you how much we loved you, so we just cuddled you more. We didn't realise that your beautiful soft fur was slightly more unkempt. You still loved your treat ball, and how we loved to treat you: chicken twice a week, salmon twice a week, all the better from my fingers. You slept more. You'd become a grand old lady before our very eyes! One day, I noticed you were breathing loudly. I feared for your heart, but the vets assured us that was strong. They kept you in, and you seem to rally. I came to bring you home, but you'd suddenly deteriorated, and they'd found a tumour in your throat. I did bring you home, so your last days would be with us in the home you loved and your favourite garden, before letting you fly to Rainbow Bridge from my lap at the age of 19. My darling little Smudgy-face; little Furry-bum. I love you now as I always did - and always will.

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08/09/01 - 18/04/17

Bella was sweetness personified. She was beautiful, darling, loving and a once in a lifetime girl. She was dearly loved. We are so grateful we had her for 15 years.

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26/02/07 - 30/09/13

xxxXXXXXXXXgood girl xxxxxxXXXX Good girl bella XXXXXXXxxxxxXXXXXXX Still miss you babe xxxXXX hi bella not been here for a while still love you as always baby xx Good girl .Bought you a special bauble for the xmas tree looks good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXX still miss you loads mum xxXXXXXXXXX xxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX GOOD GIRLXXX Happy birthday xxxxxxxXXXXXXXxxx DADXXXXXXX happy birthday baby girl you are always in my heart and thoughts xxx mum xx missing you so much wish you were still here xxx now would be the time for a bella cuddle xxxXXxxXXXXX back on your pitch now not quite the same without you xxXXXXXXXXXxx lots of hugs xxXXXXxxgood girl xxxxXXXX missing you loads xxXXX miss you girlxxxXXXX xxx xx Going away tomoz like last year xxxxxxxXXX from mummy XXXXXXX Mummy poorly but we will sort it out miss you baby girl xxx miss you babe .Cant believe its a year since you left us miss you so so much xxxxxxXXXX always in my heart xxxx my babe. still miss you like mad xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx you will never leave us always in our hearts xx good girl xxx not spoke to you for a while always think about you and still miss you mum xxstill miss you after all this time xx xxxxxxxxxx miss you still mum xx

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19/08/12 - Unknown

missing my baby girl bella. she was white as snow and had lovely pink eyes. i really wish she never went missing because this little girl was disabled. want you back baby girl. you were blind, death and had no teeth but i still loved you. hope you are ok without me beside you. rest in peace.

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01/01/00 - 16/12/15

My best friend , my buddy miss you and love you so much.

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