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Unknown - 16/03/17

Sadly I've lost my beloved Barry in a road accident. He was only 9yrs old and I'd had him for only 3 of those years. He was brought to me with his brother to take in, I still have his brother Alan who is missing him desperately. Barry was a funny character who had many funny ways. He has left a big hole in my house as I've lost part of my family.

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01/01/02 - 09/03/12

Dear Basil I will allways love you forever and more, you were the sweetest little man anyone would have been proud to know you alas I have lost you today but we will meet again, sweet little soul I shall miss you.

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09/01/04 - 09/09/15

Darling Basilly dog, you made our life complete, you were there for all the good times and the bad. You are the most loveable friend, so true, so loyal- my little shadow. Love you little man, cannot believe how much this hurts to say goodbye xxxxxx

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01/10/97 - 15/08/12

To my lovely Basil, my wonderful dog who was my best friend for nearly 15 years, miss you and love you always, until we meet again R.I.P x

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22/08/92 - 17/07/10

You were with us a long time - the first of the four to arrive and the last to leave. A very adaptable, personable puss who loved everyone. We're still finding white hairs even now...

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01/02/02 - 03/01/11

Dearest Beaky - a true little fighter, against all the odds....You triumphed, you survived, despite all the negative predictions in your early life.....You were truly the most beautiful blue budgie I ever saw. Thankyou for sharing our lives for 10 years....The kitchen will be so much quieter without your cheeky chirping and flapping around.....So sad that you left us so soon after you friend Ozzy......I like to think of you now, with your beautiful wings spread out, no more deformities, just a beautiful, happy bird, soaring high into the heavens.....Fly forever free.....RIP little friend. You will always have a special place in my heart.

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Beanie jade

14/02/01 - 19/11/10

beanie jade a dog i still miss ,she used to go to dogshows and do agility,she was a happy dog always taking a soft toy with her every where she went,she won lots of trophys and rossetes.and went as a sheep in fancy dress classes.a week after losing her i got another dog called lucy she was also a rescue dog same as jade was.shes 5 now had her 2 years nearly.a paterdalex jackrussel,shes a sweet little thing.below are 2 photoes of jade and 1 of my new dog on the right

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Unknown - 21/06/13

Miss my wee hairy Boy. He was very much loved xxx

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08/12/91 - 03/01/06

My little "Bearly Bear'. You were my first Maltese and I loved you so much. It has been 8 years since you were taken from us so suddenly. I remember your cute antics and the fact that you had 'no fear' ... you would hang out of the ski boat and madly lick at the water. :-) You loved everybody, and everybody loved you. You were the proud Dad of Chloe's 3 little pups, and was so gentle with them. One day we will meet again my little man. Till then play with Chloe & Will, and wait for me.

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01/06/89 - 20/02/10

bear was a sweet lovin bushy fluffly moggy who loved an cuddle and a fuss made of him. he would lay on your chest in bed with his paws on your chin. when the time came to put him down because he was getting worst and suffering and he had his favourite food before he was put down he loved must have been awfull for my dad to see him put down but at last hes a peace n more suffering.

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