In this section, you will find an honour roll for all of our beloved companions listed in alphabetical order by the first name. Please click on the letters to see the memorials that have already been added.

Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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Buddy Bear

14/08/15 - 22/11/22

My Buddy Bear. You had the softest fur and the sweetest face. I loved how you jumped when you wanted attention and how you always wanted to steal the wine! You weren’t ill for long with your heart failure, only a month. You were only 7 and should have been here much longer. We tried to help but the medication didn’t work. You didn’t even get to spend your first Christmas in your new home I know you loved it here, I’m sorry you didn’t get the presents I had for you. I know you were saying goodbye when you gave me all those kisses before you went to the vets. I love you so much, you were the best dog and I know you loved me and your Dad too. I hope you understand that I didn’t want to say goodbye to you. Your Dad stayed with you at the vets, I was too sad. We have your ashes back now. We got your sister Luna a new brother, we didn’t want her to be lonely. He’s a chihuahua too, called Panda, I think you would like him. I am going to get a tattoo of you soon also. I will miss you forever Buddy and hope to see you again one day. Thank you for being a very good boy ♥️

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26/04/00 - 14/03/12

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11/05/00 - 05/11/14

My beautiful Buggyboy. Passed over rainbow bridge a month ago, I missed you then, I miss you now, I will always miss you my little buggyboy. You were one of my little orphans and I loved you so much. Run free with your brothers & sisters over Rainbow Bridge my beautiful boy. I will never forget you xxxx

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Unknown - 03/09/03

Bugsy was a very sweet little rabbit who lived outside in his hutch but was brought indoors at times to play. He liked to spend time with my cats, they would chase each other when he was out of his hutch and playing on the grass. He had a toy rabbit which he would drag about everywhere. He was put to sleep when he was diagnosed with cancer at 8 years old. xxx

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Bugsy Magoo

18/09/10 - 08/12/16

Bugsy. You were my 2nd cat and Tara n you were amazing pals. She misses you so much and so needs you. Your loss was unexpected but the time we all had with you was amazing. You were crazy. Chasing Tara and eating like a pig was so funny. The time came where we needed to say goodbye to you. That day was awful and so was the disease that took you from us. You'll always be forever in my heart and never forgotten. <3

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Burtie Searle

09/08/90 - 18/11/05

Burtie was a very silly dog x x very funny x but i miss him and always will xxx x xxmiss u Burt x x :-(

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05/02/99 - 09/12/12

My poor darling boy, today is a year since you left us and we are all still as hearbroken as ever. I miss your unconditional love, the cuddles and kisses you gave me and our walks in the early hours and late at night. Your golden fur so soft to touch, the warmth of your body as you cuddled uo on my knee and the way you always understood what I said to you. No other dog could ever replace you in my heart.

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16/01/99 - 19/03/11

Silent thoughts, Secret tears, A simple wish That you were here.

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10/11/09 - 04/10/21

You came into my life when I needed you and you have been there ever since. You have been there when I met my now husband and when we married. You have been there through family troubles, you have been there to take me for a walk every morning and I have just bought my new Hunter wellies and I need to use them. You went on holiday to my sisters and you danced with me and did row row row the boat with your front legs. You were a model for my sewing creations. You were everything and I will miss you forever. xxx

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28/05/92 - 24/03/10

I miss my baby every day. You were my best friend and the house is empty without you. Sleep peacefully my dearest Buster.

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