In this section, you will find an honour roll for all of our beloved companions listed in alphabetical order by the first name. Please click on the letters to see the memorials that have already been added.

Animal friends will be remembered on our Today We Remember page on the anniversary of their death.

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24/02/99 - 24/11/15

Bramble came to join our family when she was nine weeks old. Her Mum was an English Springer Spaniel but we have no idea what the Dad was! She was adopted from North West English Springer Spaniel Rescue, who were caring for her Mum. We needed a friend for our spaniel, Hollie (who is also on this site - 2011) From the moment they were introduced, they were best pals. Bram was a super pup and grew up a fantastic friend and a pleasure to take out for walks. She was lovely with people and animals, never nasty and always gentle. We bought a campervan and took Bram & Hollie to France for a month. We had fantastic times at lakes, rivers and the seaside. Bram loved the water and just wanted us to throw pinecones for her to fetch back out of the water. She would have done this until she dropped but we made sure she had 'rests' in between. Hollie passed to Rainbow Bridge in September 2011. Bram became very sad. We adopted Abbi (4 years old) from the Cocker and English Springer Spaniel Rescue. However, Bram was too set in her ways and too old to play with her but was happy doing her own thing. In May this year, 2015, we moved house with a nice big garden and a fabulous walk on Ifton Meadows, was just 2 minutes away. Bram had a new lease of life and would run all over the Meadows. She had lumps and bumps all over her, a large one in her groin but it didn't bother her. The past week she slowed right down, wasn't eating or drinking much. She was coughing and her breathing was getting laboured. She'd been to the vet and had injections, blood tests and medication but they didn't help. She was getting weaker too. We got in touch with Jackie Weaver Animal Psychic/Communicator who 'tuned in' to Bram. Right away we had the answers to questions we needed to know. Bram's lungs were filling with fluid and her organs were shutting down. We hears Bram's wishes so she went over to Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with Hollie and is buried in 'HER' garden. Thank you, our faithful and loyal pal, for sixteen and three quarter years of happiness. "GO PLAY WITH HOLLIE-CHOPS!" xxxx

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Brandy Smith

14/11/94 - 15/11/11

Brandy was my soul mate. She was a part of me and a very big part of my life. We went every where together. If she couldn't go, I wouldn't go except for the supermarket shop and then she'd wait for me in the car. We were together virtually 24/7 for 17 years. She was affectionately known as Brandy bum, poppums, and pup pup . I miss her with all my heart and my life is empty now. When she died, something died in me.

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15/09/01 - 24/10/20

My Beautiful Breezer reunited with your sister Missie❤️🐈‍⬛🐈‍⬛❤️ I love & miss you so much my special black panther, my shadow 🐾 🐈‍⬛ 🐾 Life is just not the same without you, your cuddles & your loving ways. Such a gentle soul with nothing but love to give. I know you’re still here when I need you, I feel your presence often….stay close beautiful boy but enjoy your freedom from illness …love you both always & forever my boy ❤️ X

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01/11/01 - 24/10/20

We miss you so very much my beautiful Breezer! Our lives are so different without you here to love, to hold, to cuddle, to talk to ...oh how it hurts now as much as the night you left us. I pray you're with Mischief, playing & hunting. We love you both so much, stay close baby boy. Always loved ❤️

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29/11/09 - 30/05/14

Dear Bren. Words cannot express how we are feeling at the moment. We are so lost without you. At least you are running free with your mate Bradley who passed away 2 weeks. Bet you are having lots of lovely games together like you used to in our garden. We will never forget you and all the silly things you used to do. RIP sweet loving Bren

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01/07/99 - 06/02/14

On Thursday, the Vet put to sleep my beautiful Bridget who had lost the use of her front leg and was in uncontrollable pain. She is such a big miss in my life. Love her so much and she is always in my heart. Rest in Peace dear Bridget xxx

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01/08/94 - 01/07/13

Brix was our beautiful 19 year old tortie who went gently to sleep on 1 July 2013. Brixie was full of feisty spirit and never let the fact that she was blind for the last 4 years of her life get in the way of her enjoying tottering around the garden and house and wolfing down her grub! Adam's companion for 18 years and Kathryn's little girl for 7 years, Brixie was dearly loved and is sadly missed by us both. Brix was a proper tortie with tortietude and we will never forget her.

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29/03/95 - Unknown

My beautiful angel and best friend Bronte, went missing on the 9th July 2010 from West Norwood SE27. I miss you everyday my little princess, and the pain in my heart never goes away. I still don't know what happened to you and I still live in hope I will find you, and we will be together again. I love you forever...

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Brownie Mahan

28/02/98 - 09/09/14

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Bruce Lee Hilton

25/04/05 - 20/04/09

To our lovely Bruce, who walked the rainbow bridge 2009, never forget you. xxx

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